"Back on the 1st July this year I attended a family health night at the Aldinga Football club that Carol hosted. This is my story since that night. I left feeling so guilty I cried. I cried because I had no idea the damage sugar was doing to us. No idea the damage the low fat and heart ticked food was doing to us either. That night I changed, we changed as a family. We went sugar free, no processed food and lastly, very limited wheat. My Husband who has regular routine bloods done had some done again last week. He saw the Dr yesterday. His white blood cell count has doubled. His Haemoglobin levels are up. His bad cholesterol is down 2 full points!! His BP is perfect. His sugar levels are perfect. His kidney and liver function all perfect!! The Dr just kept saying "WOW!!! What are you doing? Have I got the right patient.. This is the first time in over 15 years It has been like this" ... "What ever it is your doing, keep doing it!! " What a great Xmas present. Myself personally, I have lost over 20 kg, my BP is perfect as well and I feel so much healthier. THANK YOU so much Carol; you have introduced me to a new way of life. xxx"



"I am 32 years old, I have 2 young boys and a supportive husband. My wellness journey (or should I say my sickness journey!) began in 2008. I was 25, recently married and excited about starting a family. I honestly believed I was healthy. I’d never been to hospital, had any sort of injury or chronic illness and thought I ate a reasonably healthy diet which usually consisted of 2 weetbix and skim milk for breakfast, a wholemeal chicken and salad roll for lunch and chicken and steamed veggies for dinner. Like most twenty somethings, I enjoyed a few drinks on the weekends with friends and some take away when I was too lazy to cook.

The first signs that something wasn’t quite right, was that I started experiencing some constipation and ‘niggly’ pains in my lower abdomen. After a few months, it was obvious that something definitely wasn’t quite right as I would go up to 7 days without a bowel movement. I visited my GP and she diagnosed me with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). When I asked what I could do about it, she simply responded “nothing, you will just have to learn to live with it”. I accepted her diagnosis and just tried to go about my life believing that I would just have to harden up and get on with it! So, I went and had my first child and life went on.

In 2011 I was pregnant with my second child and by this stage, my bowel habits were completely different. I now suffered from diarrhoea most days, sometimes 3 times before I left for work in the morning! I had an experience where I nearly didn’t make it to a toilet one day which then triggered chronic anxiety. I had never experienced anxiety previously and I had no concept of exactly how crippling it can be. Very quickly life turned to shit- LITERALLY!

I gave birth to my second son and hoped that perhaps I would be distracted enough with 2 kids that the anxiety would just disappear. Sadly it did not. As my self- confidence faded, the dreaded fear of needing to go to the toilet in a public place (and not being able to find a toilet) plagued me from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. A simple trip to the supermarket became something that I would have to spend 2 days psyching myself up for. I started avoiding going places I hadn’t been before unless I knew where the nearest toilet was. The anxiety was controlling me and my sense of humour, which would usually get me through any situation, started to vanish.

In 2013, the constipation started again. No amount of laxatives and Metamucil would allow for any sort of relief. My GP referred me for X-rays and Ultrasounds all which confirmed I was full of shit! Up to my eyeballs! My Gastroenterologist performed a colonoscopy and endoscopy which showed nothing. Things were looking rather dim at this point.

Just as I was ready to give up, I caught up with an old friend who I hadn’t seen for quite a few years, Carol Kretschmer. I told her of my problems and she suggested she may be able to help. The first thing she suggested was to remove wheat and dairy from my diet, which I did, but very reluctantly I might add! She also started me on a series of nutritionals including a probiotic and a supplement consisting of bovine colostrum which would help my gut wall to heal. Within 6 weeks, I had my first NORMAL bowel movement in 5 years- yes I considered taking a photo! My bloating (which made me look 5 months pregnant!) disappeared and I began to see there WAS hope. I continued on my journey, determined to heal myself and started researching the damaging effects of sugar, processed foods and chemicals within home, personal care and cosmetic products- it was alarming what I found. No wonder I was sick! A live and dried blood analysis confirmed our thoughts, I had developed a condition called ‘leaky gut syndrome’ and I was riddled with candida and parasites. I swiftly eliminated anything and everything that wasn’t supporting my body nutritionally and within 5 months my IBS symptoms were completely gone. I will be forever thankful to Carol for guiding me in the right direction. I now spend much of my time educating others on the importance of gut health- both in body and mind. I truly hope that my story will inspire others to take control of their own health. Our bodies have an amazing propensity for self-healing if we simply give it the right raw materials, but it all starts with taking personal responsibility."



"I am a 57 year old mother of 3. My entire life has been one with allergies. Nothing too serious though, but I always had bad hay fever, food intolerances, allergies to cats, birds and furry creatures.  I always had headaches when around perfumed things like fragrances, flowering plants etc.

In my 20’s I started getting headaches and migraines on a constant basis.

In my 30’s I was x rayed because of constant backache to find I had arthritis in most of my spine.  I also had trouble with my knees at this stage, when bending became a problem, I’d get down on the floor and find it hard to get up again.

In my late 40’s I developed asthma, and was put on daily medication to prevent attacks.   I used nasal spray for hay fever all year round due to constant nasal congestion.

Around the age of 50 I developed gastric reflux due supposedly to a hiatus hernia.  I was put on medication for this along with cholesterol meds for a high cholesterol reading.  I also had bouts of other symptoms the worse being gout.

The reflux meds after a while stopped working and reflux would be as bad as ever.  During most of my adult life I have been overweight and then was classified as obese. I tried heaps of diets, you name it, I tried it.  I’d lose some weight then put it all back on.  I had constant problems with constipation most of my life.

Two and half years ago I needed to get my right knee operated on due to osteoarthritis. I got my referral from my doctor and was shocked to see written on my list of ailments that I had “fatty liver disease”.  This was a rude shock (although inevitable with how my body was I suppose).  That was it – the light bulb moment.  I knew I needed to own up to what I had been doing to myself.   I read the “Sweet Poison” book by David Gillespie and realized that all the low fat foods I had been eating were part of my problem. I cut sugars out as much as I possibly could (this was incredibly hard in the beginning as I am a classic “sugar addict”).   I lost quite a bit of weight but not enough to be classified as healthy.  I still had the arthritis and now my left knee was giving me trouble. I booked in for surgery on that knee.

 When I asked the surgeon if there was something I could do dietary wise to avoid gout he proclaimed “choose different parents”.    Both my parents had gout and/or arthritis.

Around this time I had the pleasure of meeting Carol Kretschmer for a cuppa.   We were talking health.  I mentioned reflux and she asked me if I had thought of maybe cutting dairy and wheat from my diet.  I said “No, I hadn’t thought of that, in fact, every night I have a large glass of milk before going to bed to help me sleep”.  So I tried it.   

Well, to be honest I was totally gobsmacked, within one week of doing what Carol suggested my reflux disappeared totally.  I had been at my wits end with it because even the medication wasn’t working anymore.  My hay fever and nasal congestion totally gone also!

I had a live and dry blood test done and it showed I had dysbiosis and leaky gut.

I have now after some great help and advice cut wheat, dairy and sugar and with Carol's help I have been repairing my leaky gut with probiotics and mineral supplements from Modere.  I have virtually adopted the so called “Paleo” way of eating.

I feel like a new woman, my weight is dropping, I have ditched my reflux meds, my cholesterol meds and I hopefully soon can ditch my asthma medication.

I have lost a total of 24 kgs so far over 2 years with no exercise I might add.  With my painful knees I had found it hard to exercise.  I look forward to a life free from arthritis as I continue on with my healthier lifestyle.

I am eternally grateful that I met up with Carol, she has truly helped me change my life for the better."