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Depleted natural resources and overstretched agricultural methods mean that even the best diet can leave our bodies lacking in vital nutrients. 

Homes that are purged of all toxins are a great start, but in our society, environmental toxins are unavoidable, to some extent. These toxins can wreak havoc with hormones and health but there are natural ways to help your body cope with this burden. 

Not only did I overhaul our diets, and empty our home of any toxic household and personal care products (including having our floorboards sanded and re-polished with a natural solution), I still needed something more. I tried so many products to assist me in my return to health, and only one company was right for me (take it from me - there are a lot of 'ethical companies' out there that are looking to make money from your health misfortunes!).

After much looking and investigating, I found a solution. It's been several years now, and I'm thrilled with my choice. The Mōdere brand fits with my philosophies (environmentally friendly, animal testing free, safe and non toxic, highly effective and great value). Their nutritional supplements and Live Clean products continue to be a powerful adjunct to my healthy approach to life. I also love the convenience of ordering online and having them delivered to my door within a few days.

Please note: this link will take you directly to the Australian website. If you reside in other parts of the world please contact me directly for assistance with accessing Modere in your own locale. You will receive a discount from my referral. 

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Please feel free to browse the catalog here: product page, but in order to acquire the items that are best suited to you and your family, you are very welcome to contact me for my advice in this regard.

From personal experience I can highly recommend this brand for their quality nutritional supplements and safe, effective household and personal care range.